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Quill Realty is the first truly modern real estate firm in Seattle. We’re more efficient. We charge 1%, not the usual 3%. And we aren’t members of the MLS. So when we market and sell your home, you don’t have to pay for a buyer’s agent. If you’re buying, we have the forms, knowledge, and expertise you need to be successful. And since many sellers pay a 3% commission to the buyer’s agent, you can pay less for the home. The future of real estate has arrived, here in Seattle.

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The Quill Model.

Quill Realty has redesigned the real estate process to give consumers the security and clarity they deserve. Quill brokers work hand-in-hand with affiliated attorneys to give our clients unparalleled representation. We call it our Signature Service. It ensures that our clients have all the insight, answers and support they need to be fully informed and protected at signing. It’s a smarter way of buying or selling a house.

More Protection.

Our clients enjoy the security and guidance that only an experienced real estate attorney can provide. Your Quill lawyer monitors your paperwork, deadlines and legal obligations, helping you avoid surprises and allowing you to make informed decisions about your transaction. With a dedicated legal advocate in your corner, you can rest assured that your interests are protected every step of the way.

More Insight.

Your Quill team’s highest priority is to ensure you understand the process before you start, and the fine print before you sign. With two different real estate professionals guiding you through the home buying process, you benefit from each expert’s insider knowledge and special skills. We bring clarity to a complex transaction, making sure you stay informed and actively engaged from beginning to closing.

More Value.

Quill provides superior service at a lower cost than traditional real estate agents. We do this by efficiently providing the services you need to get the best result possible. Our innovative approach makes the most of our clients’ time and resources by cutting inefficiencies, preventing costly mistakes and giving our buyers and selers additional leverage in an increasingly competitive market.

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