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Quill is the modern way to buy or sell a home.

SELLERS: Sell your house for 2%, not the typical 6%. Learn more.

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The future of real estate is here, in Seattle.

Learn about our innovative model below. The Evolution of Real Estate.

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Interview of Founder, President, and Managing Broker Craig Blackmon, on Real Estate Decoded:

The Quill Model.

Quill Realty has redesigned the real estate process to give consumers the value and security they deserve. Our team of attorneys work hand-in-hand with our brokers whenever a client needs expert legal advice. These independent lawyers work with Quill clients on short notice, and Quill ends up paying for some or all of the very reasonable fee. So our clients have all the insight, answers and support they need to be fully informed and protected at signing, no matter what might arise. It’s a smarter way of buying or selling a house.

More Value.

Quill provides superior service at a lower cost than traditional real estate agents. We do this by efficiently providing the services you need to get the best result possible. And for sellers, we provide services that no other firm can provide: FSBO+ “FSBO Plus” service means you get all of the skill, insight, and value of a professional real estate broker, without having to pay for a buyer’s agent too. You’ll save thousands.

More Protection.

Our clients enjoy the security and guidance that only real estate attorneys can provide. When they hire us, they can hire one of our lawyers for an additional fee of just .5%. If they don’t and something comes up, our clients can hire our attorneys on short notice and for a reasonable fee that is deducted from what you owe Quill at closing. With a dedicated legal advocate in your corner, you can rest assured that your interests are protected every step of the way.

Better Service.

Quill is built differently from the ground up. Founded by an attorney, Quill knows that a lawyer provides real value to home buyers and sellers.  Our agents are salaried and don’t work for a commission, so they put your interests first. Every agent is closely supervised by the managing broker, a licensed attorney. And for buyers, our agents aren’t paid by the seller, they’re paid by you. So you get the control and loyalty that other buyers don’t get.

Quill offers you FSBO+ Service you can't get anywhere else. Let's get started.